Mar 29, 2008

sometimes i can't get off the phone with my husband because he won't stop doing wanda sykes impersonations.

Mar 21, 2008

i just took a personality test, sort of akin to the expensive myers briggs one i took in college that pretty much told me i was in the wrong major and probably at the wrong college. turns out, i was an enfp back then and i have changed and am now an entp. which i think means i care less about people now than i did back then. fellow entp fictional persons (according to the website i used which i deemed accredited due to lack of pop-ups)include:
shirley feeney
bugs bunny
horace rumpole
tomorrow we are going to the renaissance faire, old navy, a kickball tournament and then a dinner of over-sized portions of steak and creamed corn. i love you, america.

Mar 18, 2008

I was doing some research on Danity Kane because really, what is that name all about, and came across this picture. Even though they all look like contestants on Rock of Love (I should probably just admit that show is all I think about thesedays) they're the kind of girls that make me feel like I apply makeup like a 12 year old. And have you ever seen so many hair extensions on one person? And how long has Kate Moss been in the group?

Mar 13, 2008

We had a pizza party at lunch today followed by a 20 minute Power Point presentation on how to use the new postage machine. There was a flow chart of the thought process you're supposed to take as you consider whether or not you should use a size 10 envelope or a size 9 or a flat envelope of perhaps a larger size. And there were some surface area equations. Did you know envelopes have girth? At one point I got completely disoriented and thought I had won some award for highest test average in 2nd period algebra but then I noticed the pizza wasn't from Little Caesar's and we had moved on to discussing health insurance.

Mar 11, 2008

Lily Tomlin found this 1943 Guide to Hiring Women that's a pretty good read. It's all about picking efficient women and ensuring they're not cantankerous, complaining, time-wasters. If only men still believed we would spray blood from our periods all over workplace machinery and worried about providing us with proper fitting uniforms to keep us happy.

Mar 6, 2008

turns out i am not going to jail after all.