May 2, 2008

dbs2: yeah
you need at least 4 people to conceive
everyone knows that

me: yes it takes a village

dbs2: village to raise
5 to have it

me: and one to screw in the lightbulb
and 2 to turn the ladder

dbs2: what's a lightbulb?

me: exactly
I am really into using wax paper to wrap various food items. Before the weather blows up around here, it's like my dream to wrap sandwiches and fruit and a slice of cake in wax paper (separately, of course) and place them in a wicker basket with a glass bottle of something carbonated and maybe a thermos with detachable mug for drinking the soup inside and then sit outside on some grass next to a peaceful scene by a lake with perhaps a small child pushing a homemade boat around or flying a kite. I'm really into tactile things and have been craving the experience of unwrapping wax paper in various situations. I also want to pack a briefcase for work with a banana, waxpaper-wrapped sandwich and a newspaper and open it on my lap on a park bench. Maybe the sandwich will be bologna and maybe it will be peanut butter and fluff, I don't know, but surely not ham and cheese. I feel that making either of these two scenarios come to fruition will prove extrememly gratifying for me.