Oct 13, 2011

It is decidedly un-American to NOT have a barn with smoked meats hanging from the rafters at all times.

Please tell me someone in this godforsaken dreamland time that rejects my attempts at getting at least 2 consecutive hours of sleep a night is also awake and that you're also watching RFD TV.  And that you like to leave the TV on all night tuned to RFD TV with the volume way down because no matter what time your eyelids are not closing there is always good programming on about equine emotions or Michigan's latest farm updates or some show featuring Crystal Gayle and the Oakridge Boys. And that you like the comfort of knowing that you can catch a glimpse of something not Zumba or Wen hair care or acne related in the wee small hours.  And that your favorite show is Country's Family Reunion because of all the bad jokes and rocking chairs filled with people who seem like their past times all involve jam jars and ham hocks.  And how your second favorite show is hosted by a Hee Haw puppet.