Apr 14, 2013

Is it too much to ask

the TV Gods to put Savannah Smiles on just one time? Come on now.

Apr 8, 2013


Have I been arrested and I don't know it? Why are you always asking me if I want to see my arrest record?  Like, you are ALWAYS asking me, Google. Everywhere I go. Do I know the Wild West Walrus Man and I don't know it? Is this another part of my arrest record that I can't remember but that you are always asking me about? Why is he all over my Gmail and Facebook and every webpage I view? Do I have retrograde amnesia? Am I going to start painting boxes of Ritz Crackers and piece together the mystery? Why can't I just read an article about Brazilians putting ferrets on steroids and selling them as poodles in peace without you asking me about my arrest record, Google? Stop it!

Apr 6, 2013

I've got to get some new timewasting skills

Is there a special place people can go to get help for downloading and listening to on repeat more than one song they heard on Mob Wives? And maybe another place for looking at too many slideshows of self portraits that girls take that go wrong and always feature someone pooping on a toilet in the background?

Apr 1, 2013

I am temporarily gone but you are not forgotten

I just can't write right now, you guys. I'm too exhausted. Low energy cycle or some such thing. Busy with travel. With kids. With doing some part-time grant writing work (FINALLY MY MIND IS NOT IN A PUDDLE ON THE CARPET). Annoyed Google dropped Reader so now I have to click around a bit more and I'm just too tired for extra clicks right now. Who am I kidding. I'm just mostly too upset I had free HBO and Cinemax previews and accidentally deleted my recording of Howard the Duck and now what am I going to watch the rest of the year oh probably nothing because everything else is terrible.