Jul 26, 2014


There's this old footage my dad shot when my parents first got their Super 8 in the late 70's. He's standing in the yard harassing the neighbor while she's gardening and she's laughing and yelling things like, "David, stop it, I'm serious! This is obscene! I mean, I do not go out in public in these shorts!" And he's laughing and being a jerk and saying things like, "What are you doing over there, Pam?" And she's saying back, "I'm digging a hole in front of you, stupid!" And Pam and her husband and my parents were barely 30 then, younger than I am now. They were all great friends, and except for this footage and seeing a few Christmas cards after we had all moved away, I don't really remember them. Pam died of cancer a long time ago and I can't explain it but each time I see that footage I just get incredibly sad.

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Gleemonex said...

And now *I'M* sad too. There's something about our parents, pre-us, that's just ...

{I'm not being cute with the ellipsis. It represents the fact that I sat here for five minutes trying to finish my thought and could not. I trust you understand.}